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Authentic Mexican Salsa Macha
Each recipe offers a distinct taste to enhance even the most basic dish—use it as a sauce or ingredient for any meal that needs a flavorful boost.
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What is Salsa Macha?

perfect for everything

Put it on cream cheese, salmon, shrimp, chicken, eggs, tofu, vegetables, brie cheese, rice, noodles, pasta, tacos, bruschetta, sandwiches, nachos, chips, pizza, quesadillas, avocado toast, soups and much more.

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Made with dried chile peppers, seeds, nuts, garlic, and other delicious ingredients thickened in savory chili oil, Salsa Macha is an exotic flavorful salsa that will quickly become your favorite Mexican condiment. A spicy, smoky, nutty Mexican oil salsa that will blow you away with its sweet overtones.

The roots of Salsa Macha can be found in the Mexican state of Veracruz, but there are different versions in other regions of Mexico like Oaxaca and Michoacán.

Make every meal a gourmet experience

Tabola Salsa Macha is a gourmet version of the traditional salsa macha. Our unique recipe combines the best Mexican culinary ingredients creating a hard-to-describe explosion of flavors. From mild to fiery, there’s a Salsa Tabola for everyone.

All-Natural, Ingredients, Vegan

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When you buy Salsa Macha from Tabola, you know you’re supporting a business that’s built on integrity, family values, and the highest quality standards. Browse our selection now to get a taste of something truly authentic.

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what our customers are saying

Wow… that’s me the first time I tried this salsa. My guests are always amazed with its flavor.

Cheryl N.

These salsas took my meal preps to a different level. Chicken, salmon or steak with vegetables or quinoa. Protein and flavor boost.

Paul C.

Spicy and crunchy, I never had anything like this salsa.

Lacey H.

He viajado por todo Mexico y Tabola es la mejor salsa Macha que he probado.

Lorena M.