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    Tabola - Salsas Macha

    Tabola Salsa Macha is a gourmet version of the traditional salsa macha. Our unique recipe combines the best Mexican culinary ingredients creating a hard-to-describe explosion of flavors. From mild to fiery, there’s a Salsa Tabola for everyone.

    Make every meal a gourmet experience.

    • All-Natural Ingredients
    • No Preservatives
    • Vegan


    Salsa Macha - Mild


    Mango Habanero Macha


    Salsa Macha - Hot


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    Tabola - Flaming Hot Mango Gummies - Chamoy - Candy - *MILD*

    $9.00  $9.99

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    Cripsy Jalapeños - Chicharron de Jalapeños


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    Tabola - Flaming Hot Orange Gummy - Chamoy - Candy

    $9.00  $9.99

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